The BEST party punch

Welcome: Tiffany who blogs at the Would-Be Writers Guild here to share the BEST party punch recipe. She is a freelance writer, wife, mama, kitchen dancer, and carb enthusiast. Her writing will make you laugh, cry and want to master the web cam self portrait.
First of all, Happy Blog Birthday to one of my favorites! Kami does a fabulous job of presenting ingenious ideas in a way that seems accessible to everyone. You know, like it’s nobiggie. From watermelon stars to glitter toes to owls-are-the-new-rooster, there’s always something great to learn here…but, you already know that!
I’m thrilled to guest post today for Kami and share a favorite punch recipe I developed in my special Punch Laboratory (sometimes called my kitchen). The key to this punch is the pebble ice, so it will be worth your while to track some down. The other ingredients you can play around with and substitute if you can’t find exactly what it calls for.


  • 1 can frozen PiƱa Colada concentrate thawed (Bacardi makes a good one)
  • 1 can frozen orange pineapple juice concentrate thawed
  • 4 liters Diet lemon-lime soda That’s two 2-liters for the mathematically challenged.
  • 1 bag pebble ice You can buy it at Sonic Drive-In or at most grocery stores in the deli or meat department.
  • 1 bag frozen raspberries


  1. Pour the thawed concentrates into your punch bowl and stir.
  2. Use one of the empty cans and fill it with water four times and add it to the mixture. Stir
  3. ..............................................

for full instruction please see :

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